Friday, December 21, 2018

Can and Will the 116th Congress Override a Presidential Veto?

     Donald Trump will not sign a CR or a budget bill unless it contains billions of dollars to build his wall.  And the government is about to be shutdown.  House Speaker Ryan didn't have the gumption to put the CR up for a vote.  Instead he sent a bill to the Senate which contains the billions of dollars Trump demands for his wall.  The Senate will not pass Ryan's bill.  And the government will shutdown.
     Incoming House Speaker Pelosi can't wait until Jan 3rd to retake the gavel!  Once the 116th Congress is in session, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell might negotiate and reach a settlement, but I doubt that it will contain the billions of dollars Trump demands to build his wall.  Sooner or later, McConnell will have to stand up to Trump.  And I believe the majority of Republicans in the Senate will follow his lead. 
     In the House, I believe House Speaker Pelosi will be able to pass a CR or budget bill.  And when Trump vetoes the bill, I believe Pelosi will be able to convince 53 of the remaining 198 Republicans to override Trump's veto.
Schumer and McConnell will have the necessary votes to override Trump's veto as well. Wishful thinking? Maybe.... Let governance begin!