Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Biggest Scandal Since Watergate


On the campaign trail last Friday night, Donald Trump called the Clinton emails "the biggest scandal since Watergate."  "Totally absurd," replied a Watergate prosecutor."

One of the biggest scandals since Watergate may well be FBI Director James Comey's double standard of releasing information concerning Clinton emails that may or may not be relevant, yet seeking to withhold evidence of Russian involvement in the Trump Campaign, "for fear of influencing the election."

The biggest scandal since Watergate, however, is the fact that Donald Trump is this close to becoming the President of the United States!   Of Trump, The Atlantic said he "might be the most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American Presidency."

Why is almost half of America voting for Donald Trump? Because America wants a change:  government is broken.  But Donald Trump, the poster boy for bullies, anti-immigrants, and women-haters is not the kind of President America needs.

But America needs more than Hillary Clinton as President.  It needs a Congress that is willing to work with her for the good of America.   Already, Republicans are talking about impeachment.  Moreover, Republicans are saying that they will not allow Hillary Clinton to appoint any judges to the Supreme Court–any judges throughout her term.  Give Hillary a Congress she can work with.

Hillary's choice of a private email server continues to plague her.  But one of the biggest scandals since Watergate is the fact that no one went to jail when 2 million  (or was it 22 million?) emails on the RNC server used for government business by Karl Rove and others in the Bush cabinet were deleted in 2007.

Some of the deleted emails pertained to the partisan firing of 8 Assistant U.S. Attorneys.  In December 2009 however, Politico reported that a deal had been struck to restore many of the 22 million emails.   What I find intriguing in the agreement are the emails that were designated as "sensitive."  Surely Karl Rove was not sending and receiving emails concerning national security on the RNC server was he?

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