Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Biggest October Surprise of All

The biggest October Surprise of all didn't come by way of the Russians, or via Wiki Leaks, but from a source close to home: from James Comey, the Director of the FBI.

If this were a football game, Director Comey would be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.  But this is not a game, it is an election.  And the stakes could not be higher.  Justice was not served.  Director Comey disregarded the Justice Department's long-standing policy of "not commenting on current investigations, nor acting in such a way as could influence an upcoming election."

By saying that the emails the FBI recently uncovered from a laptop "appear to be pertinent to the investigation," Director Comey directly influenced the election.  Director Comey personally rejuvenated Trump's flailing campaign and put Hillary's campaign on the defensive.  But how can she defend herself against unsubstantiated innuendo?

As for Lady Justice...

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