Monday, January 6, 2020

The Imminent Threat is Donald Trump

     Make no mistake about it.  The imminent threat to the United States of America is Donald Trump.  Whatever is in his best interests is the course of action he will take for the nation, regardless of the consequences.
     The Trump Administration has said that the assassination of General Soleimani was justified because he was an imminent threat to American lives.  Yet, the Administration has not provided Congress with any evidence to show that Soleimani's killing was justified.  Nor did it brief Congress before the assassination.  And I wonder if Trump thought thru the consequences of his action.
     Before the election in 2012, Donald Trump predicted that Barack Obama would start a war with Iran before the election.  He believed that was the only way President Obama could be reelected.
      Now we are really on the brink of a war with Iran, not only before another election, but while Donald Trump is facing an impeachment trial.  He has already tweeted that the Impeachment HOAX needs to be over and done with because he has more important matters to deal with –– matters of his own doing.
     Donald Trump has already said that the United States will attack 52 targets, including Iranian cultural sites, if Iran retaliates to the Soleimani killing.
    No one seems to have mentioned what Russia or China will do if Trump follows through on his threats.  I doubt that either Russia or China will stand idly by while Trump annihilates Iran....
    So what must Congress do?
    Congress must decide if Donald Trump himself is the imminent threat.   Congress needs to demand to see the evidence from the Trump Administration that the killing of General Soleimani was justified.  What was the imminent threat? If there was not an imminent threat, then Congress needs to include the additional facts into the articles of impeachment:  That in authorizing the assassination of General Soleimani, Donald Trump compromised the security of the United States for personal political gain.
     And then Congress must impeach the President.

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