Thursday, October 1, 2020

Cursory Remarks on the State of Our Disunion

As election day approaches, I want to share some thoughts on the state of our disunion. 

We are the United States of America in name only.  There is no longer anything united about us.

Rage is the title of Bob Woodward's latest book about Donald Trump.  And that's what Trump personified in the Presidential debate.

While discussing his first book on Trump, Fear, shortly after its publication two years ago, Woodward was asked for his bottomline summary of Trump's leadership. He said, "Let's hope to God we don't have a crisis."

We have a medical crisis: the coronavirus.  So far, 208,974 Americans have died under Donald Trump's watch.  He said it would have been two million if he hadn't taken the action he did.  Scientists say that 100,000 of those 208,974 souls would be alive today if the country wore masks and followed other safety precautions.  And who refused to wear a mask? Trump.  Such leadership!

We still have a racial crisis.  Many Americans believe that Black Lives Matter.  Trump counters that Law and Order matters more and fans the flames.

The Trump Administration thinks the Democrats are offering too much money for a stimulas package. Mealy-mouthed Republicans haven't said a word.  Meanwhile airlines are laying off their employees.

Yet 40 percent of Americans will still vote for Trump?  

Hang down your head, America!  You are no longer United.

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