Monday, September 12, 2016

America And Its Moral Compass

My wife and I were watching the season finale of the TNT blockbuster series The Last Ship last night.  And in the last few minutes of the episode, the lead character in the show, Captain Tom Chandler, lamented, "America has lost its moral compass."

And my wife Linda said, "Ain't that the truth!"

She is correct.  To me, moral compass is that personal attribute that tells us what is right and what is wrong, and which guides our conduct in the right direction.

America is less than two months away from electing the next President of the United States of America.  And America has truly lost its moral compass.

Almost half of America is seriously considering electing a candidate who can only be described as being morally bankrupt. He is a bully who belittles war heroes, women, other politicians, and the handicapped.  Who said that blacks have nothing to lose if they vote for him.  Who wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out.  Who will deport all illegal immigrants.  Who will forbid Muslims from entering the United States.  I wonder if he will dismantle the Statue of Liberty if he is elected President of the United States of America? Will it still be "The United States of America?"

Donald Trump is a Presidential candidate who brags about his business success, yet who has declared bankruptcy eleven times.  A Presidential candidate who has been involved in 4,056 lawsuits to date.  Who hired people to complete jobs, and then only paid them what he thought the jobs were worth–if he paid them at all.  A Presidential candidate who refuses to release his tax returns.  A Presidential candidate who calls his opponent's charity foundation corrupt, but whose own charity foundation is questionable and in the news.  A Presidential candidate who praises Putin and who knows more about ISIS than the generals do.  Is Putin his adviser?

Donald Trump is a Presidential candidate whose own campaign manager described him as unpresidential.  Yet this very same campaign manager wants to guide Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America?

Almost half of America believes that Donald Trump will help make America great again?  America has truly lost her moral compass.

America needs to take a look at what the other candidate, Hillary Clinton, has done right!  It already knows what she has reportedly done wrong.  With a 67 percent untrustworthy rating, she must have done plenty wrong!  Yes.  Crooked Hillary Clinton is no saint.  But countless investigations have not proven that she is a sinner either.

America needs to compare what Hillary Clinton has done right for America to what Donald Trump has done right for America... What has Donald Trump actually done right for America?

And then America needs to compare what Hillary Clinton can do for America to what Donald Trump can do for America.

Only then can America regain its moral compass, look deep into its soul, and then vote for who will be right for America.

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