Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Questions Raised
The Health and Stamina
Our Presidential Candidates

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"Smile! You're on Smartphone Camera!"  Yes.  Hillary Clinton has pneumonia.  Her doctor prescribed penicillin and recommended rest.  But Hillary pushed on and almost passed out leaving the 9/11 ceremony.  But she'll be okay in a week or two.

Dallas Morning News

Here's a few words about Hillary Clinton's stamina.  She traveled 956,733 miles to and from 112 countries as Secretary of State.  She was almost "The Million Mile Woman!"


How About Donald Trump's Health?

The Huffington Post

The Atlantic

Vanity Fair


As for Trump's stamina, unconfirmed rumors have it that his doctor wrote him a prescription while talking him down on the phone for five to fifty-five minutes:


"Take two Viagra and call me in the morning."

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