Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump: Last Misogynist Standing

Things did not bode well for Donald Trump before the Second Presidential Debate last night.  If the first debate was a shoutout, this one promised to be a shootout.

Republicans were desperately abandoning ship before the debate, jumping overboard to avoid the appearance of condoning Donald Trump's hot mike 2005 lewd comments about women.

But before the debate, Donald Trump posted a Facebook press conference where he introduced three women who had previously accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, and one woman who accused Hillary Clinton of freeing a child rapist from jail.

Not surprisingly, the two candidates declined to shake hands at the beginning of the debate.

It wasn't really a debate. In reality, it turned out to be an unpresidential debacle at the All Is Not Okay With America Corral.

Early on, Trump was asked to explain his comments about women that were released the previous Friday.  He apologized but called his comments "locker room talk" and tried to deflect the talk to defeating ISIS.

When questioned again,  Trump denied any sexual wrongdoing and said that "he had great respect for women."

Hillary responded that people who listened to the tape realize that it represents exactly who Donald Trump really is.  She recounted the litany of disparaging comments Trump had made about people during the campaign.

When cornered again about being a different man since he said those lewd words about women.  Trump called them "just words–locker room talk" and deflected the talk to Bill Clinton's sexual abuse of women, and Hillary Clinton's representation of a client who raped a twelve-year-old girl, an accusation that rated mostly false and inaccurate.

Hillary stayed high.  But some people think she should have said:
"I am running for President. Not my husband."

Trump stayed low, but stood high, frequently standing behind Hillary in predator mode, attacking her verbally anytime he could.  And promising to put her in jail if he got elected.

When asked about not paying federal income tax, Trump readily admitted it, but blamed Hillary for allowing him to be able to do it.

In a question concerning his 3 a.m. derogatory tweets about a former beauty queen, and his own words about the discipline needed of a leader, Trump blew the question off and tried to deflect it to Benghazi.

To sum it up, by his very words, demeanor, and actions last night, Donald Trump, the last misogynist standing, showed America that he is not fit to be President.

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