Sunday, January 31, 2021

1/6: Never Forget

Make no mistake about it.  The storming of the Capitol on 1/6 was a game changer.  It was an insurrection plain and simple.  It cannot be swept under the rug.  It was incited by the inflammatory words of Donald Trump, the defeated President of the United States, who, come hell or high water, ballots or bullets, was determined to stay in power.  Never forget!

Never before have the words "never forget" had such a profound meaning.  We shall never forget 9/11.  But here with 1/6, we are not talking about foreign enemies; we are talking about domestic enemies!  Think about that for a minute.  Enemies, foreign and domestic.  And never forget it.  We are literally talking about the enemy within.  And Donald Trump, the defeated President of the United States, incited his followers, the enemy within, to storm the Capitol, plain and simple.

Let that thought sink in.... And not just for a minute.  Never forget it.  Donald Trump, the defeated President of the United States, incited his followers to try to overturn the government, not by votes, but by violence.  

Donald Trump still wants you to believe the Big Lie.  That the election was a fraud. But think about this for a minute.  That there would be no doubt whatsoever about the result of the election, and paramount to that, that the vote count was completely accurate, the votes in 42 of the 50 states had a paper trail.  Moreover, the votes in all of the battleground states had a paper trail.   In Georgia, the ballots were counted and counted and counted.  And with the same result every time: Biden won the election. Trump lost.  Never forget that fact.

For the Republicans, the ones who want your votes, and for the ones who vote, it is no longer a question of country over party.  For some Republicans, it is simply a matter of personal integrity.  Liz Cheney is one of them.  And so are the thousands and thousands of Republicans who, since 1/6, have changed their party affiliation.  For other Republicans, it is simply a question of absolute loyalty to Donald Trump versus personal political suicide.  Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, is one of those Republicans.  RINO would be a better tag for him because Kevin McCarthy is a member of the Party of Donald Trump, plain and simple.  That is a fact.  Kevin McCarthy,  RINO, flew down to Mar-a-Largo the other day, stood next to Donald Trump, and cemented that relationship.  Never forget.

 With their votes, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, and the other 44 Senators who voted that Donald Trump's second impeachment was unconstitutional, cemented their relationship with Donald Trump.  They belong, lock stock, and barrel, to the Party of Donald Trump.  Think about that for a minute. 45 Senators.  RINOS.  Donald Trump's second impeachment.  Will the RINOS let him off the hook this time too?  Will they try to sweep Donald Trump's involvement in the insurrection under the rug?  Will you let them?  Never forget.

Do the millions and millions of Republicans who voted for Donald Trump want to sweep the uprising of 1/6 under the rug?  If they do, they are RINOS, plain and simple.  There are no two ways about it.  They are the Party of Donald Trump.  They want to forget that 1/6 ever happened.    Hell!  They want us to forget that 1/6 ever happened!  That shall never happen!  Never Forget!  And never ever let them forget!

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